New Magellan Review at

High End website Dagogo has recently posted a through review of the Magellan VIII xu used with the MGD 200 amplifier. Very interesting comments here.

Audiophile Audition Review

Audiophile Audition, a long lived music and equipment review format, began as a high-end Public Radio program dedicated to keeping music and audio gear alive forever is posting a new review of our fabulous MGD-200 subwoofer amplifier. The reviewer is also providing important input on a long term relationship (6yrs) with the Magellan Subwoofers. Very important information in making a purchase decision please read this exciting informative review.


TBI Audio Systems LLC was granted its second patent 7,614,479 B2 on November 10 2009 for its Embedded Transmission Line Technology (ETL). The ETL establishes the solution to a major longstanding problem assoociated with loudspeaker enclosures and systems.


September 5 2009,

Funai Japan officially introduced their first HDSS based 5.1 Blueray Hometheater Systems at IFA Germany on Sept 4 2009. Funai (one of the largest manufacturer of consumer electronics and the marketer of several mass market brands including Maganavox and Phillips) promises to break the strangle hold on sound quality for the HTIB with this introduction to produce outstanding dialogue quality and lifelike clarity with deeper more powerful bass. Look for this low cost high quality system to hit your favorite stores soon.


CEDIA 10 September 2009

Sharp Electronics of Japan has introduced two new I-Elegance iPod Docks to enhance the famous iPhone. HDSS allows these docks to achieve audio clarity not possible by conventional means with the musical bass and clarity of an audiophile aystem. The DKAP7P and DKAP8P offer outstanding features and a world class speakerphone to the iPhone and iPod. Available now Click link below for more information.

Sharp Introduces HDSS Certified Sound Bars and i-Pod speakers at CES 2009

Sharp presented stylish state-of-the-art HDSS certified sound bars at CES 2009 for a substantial sound upgrade for the HDTV. The HT-SB200 is to be introduced this month followed by the HT-SB300 in April. The HT-SB300 will feature enhanced connectvity and other extras while both models provide enhanced audio quality via of ETL technology. The addition of virtual surround is available for a true theater experience without all of the wires.

Both models also feature built in subwoofers and full remote features.

Sharp has also introduced the DK-AP7N for i-Pod which feature pocket sized dimensions and true high Fidelity Sound and avialble in several colors.

Read through the links below for more information on Sharps CES 2009 introduction.

Asus Launches the Fabulous HDSS Certified AIR 3 Internet Radio/iPod Dock

Asus launched their new Air 3 i-Pod Dock/Internet radio on Christmas Eve 2008 announcing the wonderful sound provided by the use of ETL technology from TBI Audio Systems LLC. Using a fully certified HDSS (High Definition Sound Standard) sound system they promise to have the best sounding and feature laden iPod dock with famous Asus build quality.

Read the announcement below from their site amongst many other announcements available through Google search of Asus Air 3.

ASUS Computer Chooses HDSS For Its Sound

World reknown Asus computer one of the largest OEM computer hardware manufacturers has chosen TBI and HDSS for its own sound needs. This mammoth US $25B company with vast resources recognized the groundbreaking benefits that the Emvbedded Transmission Line plays in sound based products. One of their new products , the new AIR 3 Internet Radio, features ETL technology in their dual speaker system and built in iPod docking while having instant access to thousands of quality internet radio stations. They wanted an improvement in the basic sound quality before any electronic enhancements and found this with TBI.


Marantz Professional Asia a division of D&M Holdings (Denon & Marantz) has launched its first products incorporating TBI Audio Systems patented ETL technology and displaying the HDSS registered trademark. The new MKW500 subwoofer and the MKSV900 center vocal are challenging the industry in superb live audio performance.

The engineers at Marantz, one of the most respected audio technology companies, quickly embraced the benefits of the Embedded Transmission Line to dramatically improve the vocals and bass of their world reknown Karoke speaker system. The new system is launching April 1 2008 and promises to outperform the competition in all categories of sound quality. Please follow the links below to see and read about these exciting new products.

Marantz Center Vocal Speaker

Marantz Subwoofer Speaker

TBI introduces HDSS Auto Sound Product

TBI is introducing the first sound product intended for mobile applications. It has long been recognized the dilema in reproducing clear sound in vehicles. Manufacturers have resorted to putting many speakers everywhere in order to achieve sound dispersion. TBI with ETL technology now enables the tweeter to be placed near the midrange in the door and completely organize and present a high-end sound in any vehicle without a hassle. Soundstage and imaging are incredible from any position in the vehicle. Factory door units and custom component modules respond well to this exciting new application.

When was it proper to seperate the tweeter and woofer as it is currently done in order to hear the tweeter in a vehicle. Engineers don't recommend this in home speakers and now it's not necessary in vehicles. See our product section for more information.


TBI LLC has been awared a US patent for its Embedded Transmission Line technology. This technology is being licensed by major A/V manufacturers to drastically improve the sound quality of their products. Products incorporating ETL technology can qualify to bear the HDSS logo if approved.

HDSS is a registered trademark of TBI Audio Systems LLC.

Maximum PC Magazine Reviews Majestic Diamond I

April 2007 - Maximum PC magazine review says Majestic Diamond I is top multimedia speaker.

Read full review in Maximum PC magazine April 2007 issue. Maximum PC is the premier high-end computer magazine available only at news stands.

This Review is now available on line at:

TBI officially awarded "HDSS" trademark by the US patent and Trade Mark office.


ETL technology is recognized as the future for unobtrusive high quality sound by Wes Phillips of Stereophile. The laws of Physics are apparently being bended here.

Read TBI show coverage by Stereophile at

Read show mention by Dick Olsher of Enjoy The Music and Absolute Sound.

See Photos of TBi show at AudioXsell.

More TBI show feedback Crane Home Theater (California)


On Dec 22 2006 the United States and Trademark Office approved patent application 10/709,538 for the audio "Embedded Transmission Line" (ETL). The patent will issue in March of 2007 and represents a milestone for the loudspeaker industry allowing high quality sound to be available for more applications.

The loudspeaker has been the Achilles Heel in preventing high quality sound from being realized in the many new applications for digital sound playback. TBI is currently producing its own ETL based product line while in talks with several major electronic companies very interested in improving the sound presentation of their products.

TBI has the intention of using this technology to improve sound quality worldwide and has instituted broad worldwide patent protection of the Embedded Transmission Line. Loudspeakers for all applications including consumer, commercial, industrial and military will soon realize a new threshhold of quality for sound playback.

The HDSS logo has been designated to identify products utilizing this groundbreaking loudspeaker technology.


The Magellan VIII su wins 2005-2006 VIDEOHIFI independent award in subwoofer category. See links below.

Press Release - TBI AUDIO SYSTEMS - Dec. 5, 2006

TBI Audio Systems Announces HI-Def Sound for HDTV

Business Wire ( press release ),CA - Dec 5, 2006

Atlanta--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TBI Audio Systems

creator of the world-renowned Magellan subwoofers now offers the ultimate in high quality...

News release: TBI presents HDSS the digital sound solution at T.H.E. SHOW January 8th – 11th 2007 (room 2008)

*The consumer is now demanding better sound quality from loudspeakers to maintain the listening experience of their iPod or other digital player outside of the solitary environment of the headphone.

*The consumer is demanding better sound quality from HDTV widescreen flat televisions not only from home theaters but from the lonely bedroom set that generally plays at romantic levels. Why can’t the picture and the sound be high def for all of the sets regardless of volume level or number of speakers?

*The consumer is demanding an end to the horrific sound quality heard with their desktop, laptop and general sound distribution in their homes.

*The consumer is demanding better sound quality from subwoofers to match the integrity of their high-end loudspeakers providing bass that is natural for all program material whether music or sound effects.

*The consumer is demanding an end to industry excuses blaming random room conditions for restricting their listening experience. It has to be as good or better in their room as it was under test conditions.

Introducing the High Definition Sound Standard for loudspeakers (HDSS)

The loudspeaker industry has been forced to ignore the flaws existing within the technology behind their designs. The resulting design of high-end loudspeakers today is more art than science with little regard to the products acceptance by the general consumer. The high costs of high-end components is evidence of the lack of suitable technology that allows the sound to flow from an amplifier to an acoustic environment without severe distortions being added. The room is no more the culprit than it is in distorting our voices or other naturally occurring sounds.

TBI is announcing its HDSS loudspeaker standard made possible using ETL technology to allow a simple amplifier to produce high-end audiophile quality sound under almost any normal acoustic conditions. This innovation brings a new threshold of appreciation for all electronic digital and analog sound formats. It is true that better components and proper setup can provide small incremental improvements to a sound system but it is the speaker that has flawed the fundamental delivery. Large scale and expensive solutions won’t reach the masses because they are only wanted by a few and are not practical for a normal modern flexible lifestyle. Even hardcore audiophiles need a break from the special listening room. We will show that many of the electronic signal manipulations existing today have a negative impact on properly reproduced sound.

Attend both CES and T.H.E. Show but be sure to visit our TBI demo rooms (2008) for a glimpse into the future of audio and a real and achievable loudspeaker standard HDSS.


TBI Audio Systems LLC is pleased to announce the distribution of its products in Italy by Audio Azimuth. Please visit this site for purchase of TBI Audio Systems products in that country.

Please visit our distributor audioazimuth in Italy - -for dealership in Italy

Please visit our on line retailer in Europe - - to purchase TBI retail on line in Europe


Several reviews of very popular subwoofer brands including entries from famous electrostatic manufacturers in popular Audiophile magazines confirm the ongoing hit and miss controversy involving subwoofers. Comments after an otherwise great review include:

  • The low bass could be heard distinctly emerging from the corner
  • Percussive bass was too directional and could be heard distinctly coming from the subwoofer
  • One reviewer has retained an expensive subwoofer with calibration controls so that he can use the controls to setup other subwoofers that he reviews. The consumer isn't going to have these controls or knowledge to use them properly if he did while they don't solve the problem.

Other comments like, "I can get the subwoofer to disappear in the room but the bass does not appear to originate from the main speakers" are common conclusions from various reviewers. These comments and the difficulty incurred in achieving the best results document without any doubt the impossibility of a second static mass operating coherently with the mass of your woofer driver.

Audiophiles world wide are now enjoying the proper bass extension from their sophisicated audio systems. The challenge has been met under almost any acoustical conditions and without sophisicated test equipment. The result has been 100% effective for completing the audiophile listening experience. The Magellan Line from TBI has set new standards.

The Absolute Sound Magazine , April/May 2006-Majestic Diamond II named..

It is an honor to be mentioned in this highly regarded audiophile magazine April-May issue. We were surprised when Neil Gater noted us in this most valuable space “Best Of Show" column. This straightforward loudspeaker design emerges from the rest because of a technology described by some as magic including Mr. Gater himself. Although this was just a production prototype the Majestic Diamond II will be available before introducing it officially at 2007 T.H.E. show in Las Vegas.