Magellan VIP su . Active Bass Module




The MAGELLAN VIP su is a powered version of the MAGELLAN VI su. It includes a rear mounted amplifier assembly that includes all of the features required for instant connection to your audiophile quality system. The amplifier is equipped with line and speaker level inputs allowing maximum connection flexibility. The MAGELLAN VIP su is also equipped with a fixed high pass filter @ 70 Hz to relieve the smaller mains from IM distortion at lower bass frequencies. The amplifier operates at 85% efficiency allowing for placement in close quarters without overheating. It is not digital but operates as a high efficiency class AB the tried and true output stage for truly musical bass. Plug and play is the best description as the alignment is a very simple process to produce seamless low frequency extension. The coherent output of the MAGELLAN VIP su makes the volume and crossover controls very sensitive and predictable for setup. Once you set the controls you forget them as the sound will always be in sync and the bass will be present even at low volume levels.
•(available for 220VAC operation)


MODEL Magellan VIP 
DIMENSIONS 37 x 37 x 14
DRIVER Non-shielded 6.5" convex single piece aluminum cone
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20hz to 150hz (-6db )
IMPEDANCE ( ohm ) 8 nominal
SENSITIVITY 87 db 1w/1m  35hz
WEIGHT 11.60 kgs