Magellan 8 su (MG 8 su) Passive Bass Module




The MAGELLAN VIII su is truly a work horse in deep bass performance. When the need is to extend the bass of a speaker system that has good low bass it will be easier to blend with this model. A true subwoofer must always exist as the foundation for the system. The truly remarkable property of ETL™ designs is the absolutely constant loading of the driver cone at all frequencies to allow our MAGELLAN VIII su to perform to 10Hz at full power input. Performance into the infrasonic range is exemplary when you consider that it is realized with a low mass driver capable of disappearing in an audiophile system. While only 3" wider than its smaller siblings it is a remarkably smooth performer with higher power handling and deeper response all while out performing any other subwoofer design. We recommend this unit for extending the bass of mains that are going to at least 100 Hz for bottom two octaves and infrasonic extension.


MODEL Magellan 8 su
DIMENSIONS ( cm ) 45 x 45 x 17.5
單體喇叭  8" SC ( 鋁盆 driver ) SU model
高音單體喇叭 8" DVC (  鋁盆 Driver ) XU model
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 15hz to 125hz (-6db)
IMPEDANCE ( ohm ) 8 nominal (SU ) 5 ohm Nominal
SENSITIVITY 87db 2meters 1w/1m 28hz
WEIGHT 13.4kgs (SU )  13.84 kgs (XU )